Dear Customers:

We are a company that sells wholesale producs. Our online store is configurated for a minimum purchase amount of US$ 100.00 (not including shipping cost), if you make an order for a smaller amount you will not be able to make payment by PayPal.

How to Register?

1. Get in the "My Account" section in the superior right side of the website.

2. Click on the "Continue" button of "Register Account".

3. Complete sections of "Personal Details" and "Address", the (*) means that the information is required and if you do not complete that information you will not be able to register.

4. Create your password

5. Once you have read and accepted the Payment Methods click on "Continue"

How to buy?

1. Enter the required product

2. Select the required quantity

3. Select size (if any)

4. Click on "Add to Cart"

5. Finally click on "Chekout"

*Shipping costs are calculated automatically